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My baby, Ember Skye Graham is missing from Happy Valley, CA.
Last Seen- July 1, 2015
Reported Missing- July 2, 2015
At the time of her disappearance Ember was 6 months old
Eyes- Brown
Hair- Brown
Height- 2' 1"
Weight- 15 lbs

On Thursday, July 2, at 05:26 A.M., Matthew Graham, called and reported that his six month old daughter, Ember Graham, as missing from her crib on Noosha Lane in Anderson, California. Ember is considered to be at risk due to a seizure disorder. She was last seen wearing a size 2 Kirkland brand diaper. Ember's disappearance is being investigated as a suspicious circumstance.

Ember's father, Matthew Graham remains the only person of interest in his daughters disappearance.
The Shasta County Sheriff's Office stated "Perhaps someone is out there who Graham confided in and who may be able to shed light about what happened while the baby was with Matthew Graham." I believe he probably spoke with someone. This would have been too difficult for him to keep to himself. Maybe HE doesn't want to come forward". 

As a parent we will ALWAYS continue to hold out hope that Ember is alive. Miracles happen everyday and until we have answers, we will keep fighting to bring here home. PLEASE keep looking for Ember. If you think you've seen Ember, snap a photo and call authorities. Ask questions if you have to! Be Ember's eyes and ears.

We're begging you, if Matthew told you anything or you're one of the persons to have knowledge of Ember's disappearance, please call anonymously by deactivating caller ID using *67 before the number. Write a note and leave it in a public area or do whatever it takes to bring us answers. We just want to know where she is or could be.

If you have information, please call the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office, Detective Kyle Wallace at (530) 245-6540 or Shasta Co Secret Witness 530-243-2319.

Case #15-24132

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DOJ #201524132

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